Humility exercise #1 : Built with Processing  July 07, 2011   «  »

Click once in that blank space there to the left then go ahead, click and draw. Easy to do. Hard to make happen. (You will need Java to run it.) So, I've been working with Processing for a while now and it's been fun.

What is Processing? An open source programming language and environment developed by Casey Reas and Ben Fry. According to its makers it's a "software sketchbook and professional production tool."

Occasionally my years-ago knowledge of Pascal seeps into the conversation and complicates my thought pattern but overall, my fluency is improving and once again I'm beginning to feel the omnipotent power that comes from writing code—my own code.

If you're interested, and I'm sure that you are, check it out. Processing.

Next time I promise I'll add in a clear all feature. But for now, do me a favor, revel in my little bit of hard earned heaven.

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